so close, yet so far away!

luxury americana. roots revived. FRAMEWORK.

we thought for sure our new website would launch by the end of october. sadly, with some phooey sick bugs goin around... we had a hard time putting finishing touches on all our little projects! some of us, our big projects! since it looks like it'll be a couple weeks out now, i thought i would give everyone a heads up and a little sneak peak at whats in store.

follow or bookmark our blog!  you'll be the first to receive our 'grand release' coupons and view our 'market stroll catalog' a unique opportunity to get these hand selected, one of a kind pieces before we unveil the official framework site!! we are soooo excited about these loveworn finds and bohemian wardrobe staples ... if you are a glamour puss gypsy at heart (lookin' for that well traveled piece) or you just love a look that's relaxed and poetic...  your heart will plum skip a beat when you get a gander at these collections!

we love fall!  ~just wish it lasted just a bit longer. with that in mind we have found some gorgeous layering pieces that allow you to cozy up or bundle up. these pieces will help you effortlessly layer some luxury this entire cold weather season. printed sheer cottons, oversized chunky knits, and well worn leather. every week until we get the site up, ill post some fancies for you! 
a windy little warm front came through this afternoon! our 'doll up for fall' look is our favorite today! a tiered soft flannel baby doll, a restructured silk ruffled blouse, worn and tattered leather hat to hide our wind blown 'do and rugged boots are whats in order!  

~layer up, no fuss.

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