merry matryoshkas!

   'its a small world after all', babushka dolls, and Christmas. Im not sure when or how they came together, but...

  There's a little cottage, in the middle of an enchanted forest, in the corner of my mind. There are twinkling  lights strewn about, glittering snow falling all around and pear shaped babushkas are dancing in step to the charming 'small world' melody. Annoying? Yes, but it only comes once a year. So I delve in deeper, decorating my imaginary tree. I merrily go about hanging my pink polka dot ornaments. With the help of a red polka dot toadstool, I reach to the very top and place a candy coated star.
  Eventually the pressing holiday activities grab and shake me back to reality. I look outside and realize it has already snowed another inch while I was daydreaming! I change my cutie kitten heels to my fluffy mukluks and grab a pretty vintage head scarf to protect my curls. Before heading out the door (...best check my lipstick) a quick peak into the mirror and oh!...Holy Babushka!!!

  Somewhere between daydreaming and holiday shopping is ETSY. Its the ultimate search engine for the things my heart says I'need'. Right now my heart says I need a holiday season full of russian dolls. 

 click to get festive!

These little ladies represent the ultimate in bohemian (winter wonderland) style. Not only that, but if it's what's on the inside that counts, these girls have got it covered...
         more cutie pie! and more cutie pie! and more cutie pie! and more cutie pie!


  1. I love how you featured all of the wonderful matryoshkas in this photo! Looks like a great magazine page. Thank you for including our handstamped tags! I am a Russian Nesting Doll collector, so I LOVE this! Happy Christmas to you and yours. Beautiful Blog! ♥Kathy

  2. What a gorgeous array of baboushka dolls. They are just stunning. Thank you for including my tags. x

  3. What a lovely collection. There is something magical about Nesting Dolls. I love them all!