beauty is not only skin deep

i love green, upcycled, eco... but i want more than the stale fashion and ideas that sometimes mingle about these good intentions. i long for colorful, fresh ideas that are just as much timeless as they are modern. thats our obsession here at framework. with antique and vintage pieces, its the love of  bold patterns and the spirit and art of another time. with quirky bohemian style its because of its carefree origins. we cant get enough of handcrafted upcycled and one of a kind pieces because of their originality and top quality.

we look everywhere for inspiration. but how bout a reliable source of colorful and inspiring photos, ideas and articles that are green too? how about a personal approach? wanna know more about fair trade... who are the artists behind the scenes? sound impossible? 'PEPPERMINT', Australian's first eco chic and sustainable living magazine, clearly points out in glorious print (and online soon), that it is very much possible.

they say it best~ "...inspiring, informative editorials and in-depth, behind-the-scenes features on the fashion industry and social culture, Peppermint is at once informative and inspirational, high-end and handcrafted, cutting-edge and old-fashioned… Because sometimes you have to look behind you to learn the way forward"

it seems the website is still pretty new, but we are already in love. check out the website here and check out an example issue here. this magazine is so packed with information on street culture, craft culture and eco couture  that i find myself referencing it again and again. to say that peppermint it is fresh and brilliant is an understatement.

(selfishly) our favorite find on their site this week was a link to the sweetest little dress pattern with a free download! so i thought id share, click the pic to get one for yourself or to make me one in a bold floral!! :) is that collar sooo cute?!! check out the mag if you can get a hold of one~ better yet, subscribe! okay, maybe a bit pricey to the mainland? well lets at least bookmark their site! im sure theres a  lot of fantastic ideas and styling to come. when it comes to this mag we certainly want to see more of 'whats inside'!

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